Do you love eating bread and sandwiches?

But have become aware that most breads in US are full of preservatives and additives?
Do you know what the problem around gluten is? >>more info

Eva’s Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread is made the traditional way with four simple ingredients

For a better understanding about the way how real sourdough is so different for you please watch “Cooked” by Michael Pollan Episode 3 Air.


Eva’s Traditional Bread – Core Values:

“I grew up with wholesome, delicious traditional foods in Germany and found a passion in sharing my family’s tradition of baking.  I enjoy creating freshly baked artisan bread and delivering to the doorsteps of my customers.  I wish to make people happy and healthy by providing quality homemade foods and by offering a low glycemic option or people with digestive issues.”

“Baking is who I am, a labor of love, and my gift I wish to share with others.”


Hali Steta:
“We had our first order delivered! It is sooooo good!!!”

Erin Fields:
“Eva. This week’s loaf! So hearty yet not dense or heavy. I have issues with gluten and this was simply heavenly. Divine! I would like a loaf each week please! Thank u so much! ♡”

Annika Forester:
“I can verify she makes GREAT bread! And the service is wonderful too- dropped off warm!”

Joneane Neville:
“We love love love your bread!!!
Dare I say…some of the best I’ve ever had!”

Liz Currie:
“Eva’s bread is the BEST!!!!! We’ve been ordering it since Thanksgiving and are completely addicted to it.”

Liz Vernant:
“Yummmyyyyyy!! I just had my first 2 loaves delivered. Warm! So I immediately cut off a piece, grabbed a jar of Katie’s Famous Jams and omg! Heaven!”



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