Meet the Baker

Eva Hoffmann grew up in Germany and in her great Grandmother’s bakery.  She developed her craft and passion for baking through all the women in her family including her great-grandmother, grandmother and mother.   It is the custom of Germans to have fresh baked bread daily and Eva was used to having fresh baked bread.

Eva went on to pursue a career in the fashion industry in Italy, but never stopped baking.  She enjoyed surprising people around the world in her travels by giving them fresh baked creations.  

Years later she settled in Dahab, Egypt with her kids Kaya and Ben and opened a bakery of her own, Leila’s Bakery. As she pursued her passion for baking, she discovered the magic of sourdough and all of its benefits. 

3 years ago she moved with her growing family to Oak View, California.   Eva and her husband still manage Leila’s bakery in Egypt from the US.

Once in the States, Eva and her family were not used to seeing packaged bread on supermarket shelves and they were concerned about the processed and unhealthy ingredients.  Her family urged her to start baking bread again and again she shared with her new friends and neighbors. This was the start of Eva’s Traditional Bread in May 2015. Since Sept 2015 Eva’s Traditional Bread and products can be purchased at the Certified Ojai Farmer’s in downtown Ojai every other Sunday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. (Call or email to inquire which Sunday she will be selling at the Farmers Market.)

Eva feels blessed to have been born into the European lifestyle and attitudes around food, growing up with an appreciation for fresh ingredients, a love of food, and the joy of savoring mealtime with friends and family. 

Eva is happy to share her experiences, traditions and lifestyle with everyone.

Continuing her journey, she became a Certified Health Coach to better educate and inspire people about a healthy approach to food and ultimately a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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Have travel plans to Dahab, need an excuse to travel to Dahab?

Leila’s Bakery in Dahab Egypt is a great place to get breakfast, cakes and sandwiches. Local people, tourists and expats love this place since nearly 10 years and if you ever go to Egypt check the great Vacation Rental out which Eva and Lawrence built there or ask them for advise if you would love to do an adventure vacation!

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