Why eat sourdough?

Sourdough is an ancient method of bread making which started in 3700 BC. The bread rises naturally without any additives or preservatives providing you the benefits of a grain without digestive problems. The sourdough’s bacteria feed on the gluten during the minimum 24 hour slow fermentation process making it much easier to digest and a great option for those with gluten sensitivities. 

Eva’s Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread is made just like our ancestors did all over the world for centuries with four simple ingredients:  whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, water and salt.

Learn more about sourdough for gluten intolerance by reading:  Celiacs Can Say Yes To Sourdough Bread


Welcome to all gluten sensitive people!

Did you know that slow-fermented sourdough breaks down the gluten in wheat bread? The live bacterias feed on gluten in the bread and digest it for you. That is the reason why 95% of all people with gluten sensitivity can eat my bread without reaction.

This is not valid for people with Celiac disease or wheat allergy.

Why eat organic wheat?

Most people who believe they are gluten sensitive are actually reacting to Glyphosate.

Glyphosate is a chemical compound found in the pesticide Round Up.  Round-up is sprayed on commercial wheat before the harvest.

The absence of this practice in the production of organic wheat is why it is important for your health to choose to eat organic wheat. 

Because of learning about this important health information I am no longer using commercial wheat to bake my products unless you as my customer insists upon it.

The following article can shed some more light on why non-organic wheat is toxic for your body:  


This is a home-made bread, with a living culture that can have a mind of its own.  Bread color, texture, size and consistency can differ from loaf to loaf.  Loaf ingredients and weight never change.

Minimum order required for special requests such as: no salt, bread bowl size, or addition of seeds of your choosing.

Bread cutting services available for an additional $1.00 per loaf.

How does it work to get fresh bread delivered to your door?

When you become a subscriber, you pay for 4 weeks in advance. And, are automatically billed by PayPal for each month.

If you are skipping a day because of vacation etc, just let us know by call, text or email and we will make other arrangements. 

We are using only paper to wrap the bread. Please put a paper or cloth bag by your door.  HEALTHY YOU HEALTHY PLANET



Front door delivery:


Pick up point:

Oak View: 980 Encore St.

Call 805.229.5447 to schedule a pick-up.

Ojai Certified Farmers Market Sundays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Only every other week – call to confirm which Sunday


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